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This section may help to clarify some questions related to the type of operation of your business. It can serve to help you better understand how we proceed with our customers, better understand our resources and services, certain terms and / or specific or characteristic aspects of our industry, and to identify possible needs in your company._d04a07d8-9cd1-3239- 9149-20813d6c673b_

 06  do yourcustomer's sales(PL) exceed those of "Guarantees?

Service sales are derived from various types of payments. That is, according to who pays the service. Let's see:

  • If the regular customer pays the service, then it's a PL (Pay Labor).

  • If you are a regular customer but with a service covered by warranty, then it's a WL (Warranty Labor).

  • If the customer turns out to be the same dealer, or the dealer will pay for the service, then it's an IL (Internal Labor)

A healthy and safe distribution of these sales at the end of each month should be very close to:

  • PL  -  60 to 75%

  • WL -  23 to 38%

  • IL   -  1 to 3%

The operations should focus their sales towards the most common daily factors and with direct access to authorization, the customers. Warranty services are generally more limited and their fluctuations should not jeopardize the result of the operation.*

*Note that the averages given above may vary as a result of events or exceptional conditions generated by each line of vehicles and their guarantees management.

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