These are some of the services that allow us to achieve the best results in our industry.



Lidership Development


Throughout more than 30 years we have seen how some operations have managed to outshine and take financial advantage in their parts and service operations.


Not surprisingly, all of them have made great efforts and investment to achieve it. What is less surprising is that in most plans that have been developed, all contained a substantial amount of training resources, and some others supplemented by a period of "intensive coaching".


This technique, validated by many, is one of the key parts of the operating philosophy of TSSPR. In other words, the training and development of your company's greatest asset, your valuable staff, is a fundamental part of the development, growth and sustainability of any business.


We combine our years of experience with the best resources they can offer automakers and other Automotive Industry regulatory organism.


We've been successful because we never force teams to unwanted changes. Instead, we act as advisors, as partners and as professional colleagues. This has allowed us to create exceptional teams with leaders who have led their companies to Success!



Initial Assessment


This resource, in addition to formalizing the beginning of a mutually beneficial business relationship aims to identify the factors and aspects, operational and / or cultural current direct or indirect impact on the operation and in turn the performance, execution and affects their performance operation.


At the same time, this initial study will identify the points or segments where there is space and opportunity to improve outcomes.


Finally, it will also serve to inform the development of a good strategic plan for the development and improvement solutions that take your company to the highest level of performance and financial health.


Business Process


We specialize in developing and implementing new and innovative operational processes that give our customers an easy and accurate alternative to reach the necessary changes and achieve the wanted goals. 


This is achieved thanks to TSSPR look beyond routine statistical analysis using a variety of creative techniques research and measurement that will define the causes of the poor results. 


These can be many and varied, but whatever is causing the poor performance of its fixed operations, we will find it and fix it together.​


The adjustments in processes that TSSPR will recommend have already been proven in many operations where they have achieved excellent results.


We do not want to invent the wheel again, we just want to make it roll and take it to maximum speed.

Strategic Palns


TSSPR will study the factors that in any mode, directly or indirectly, are influencing in the final results of your operation. Including situations related to processes, organization or simply to stablished culture and its effects on actual’s results. 


With the results of the Initial Assessment, TSSPR will design a Strategic Plan fully adapted to your company needs and characteristics which will be implemented and developed in conjunction with the Leadership Development Plan.


The result is a fully solvent operation that will increase the absorption rate of business.



The intensive one-to-one care is one of the most significant aspects of our services.


After reviewing more than 30 years of human behavior on our colleagues and partners, we can ensure that not too many thinks produce so positive effect as a good "Coaching".


The project implementation format takes place in different stages, clearly depending on the need and condition of each business and operation. Each project can contain up to four stages. Each stage is designed based on a foundation. These are: the Electronic Operating System configuration (DMS), the training, and Process Results Measurement and Follow up.


For TSSPR Follow Up is so important that in addition is part of each stage and finaly becomes as a separate final stage of each project. This ensures long lasting results and enjoys the value and utility of the investment.

Parts Inventory & Controls


The Parts department should be one of the most profitable resources of the entire business, and it's. But, likewise, may be the most vulnerable department when we talk about annual losses.


For years, it has proven to be the "Achille’s heel" of many operations that have finished closing their doors, and many others that are still trying to survive with the heavy burden of its "obsolescence". It is the division of Fixed Operations that passive and easily can affect an entire operation.


Without a "healthy" Parts operation Service department will not progress. It is for this reason that top executives should be very cautious, but, above all, control over their management and implementation of adequate controls to operate.


Each operation is unique, and have its own characteristics and conditions. Controls must adapt according to each structure and condition. Adopt systems or controls from other operations can be a big risk that could result in loss of money, personnel and valuable time. Processes and controls must be appropriate to encourage maximum sales and minimal obsolescence accumulation, according to its operational structure and marketing level.


Through its development, TSSPR has designed, developed and implemented new features and controls that have allowed it to help to convert many operations in "models" with results that set new standards in these times.