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Is Parts & Service as Cost-Effective as It Could Be?

If so, then the answer to most of these questions should be Yes. Let's see:

  • Do you have an Absorption Rate of at least 60%?

  • Do your customer sales (PL) exceed those of "Warranties?

  • Does your manager know what to monitor on a daily basis?

  • Do you really believe that just with the help of manufacturer you will mueve your company to the highest level of efficiency and performance?

  • Do Parts have a pricing structure with "Break Escalators"?

  • Does your "Obsolescence" exceed 2% of the cost of your inventory?

If the answer to most of these is NO, or if you have many doubts about these issues, it’s time to look for an

“effective solution”

Let us know, the solution is on your own

people, and we know how to develop it!

!Parts and Service is more cost-effective than you think!

Don’t think it over, we have achieved the

best results in the industry,

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