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Our Customers

For many years we have developed a number of projects for good, they have marked the way for many entrepreneurs and sometimes good for us too. In this industry there are no "super heroes", success is achieved by "work teams" of professionals with exceptional desires and attitudes. Today, we are very proud of the teams of employees through their interest, dedication and desire to learn have managed to bring their companies and themselves to optimum efficiency and performance. We share with you some comments and expressions of them:


Mr. Victor Carrion - Fix Operation Manager


"Techno Service Solutions has been a key partner in the realization of our service processes. With their coloperation we have achieved our goals ... .. "

(787) 273-3000  


Mr. Victor M. Gomez III - President


"Techno Service Solutions has been essential to our process reengineering. We achieve our objectives in a consistent and progressive way"

(866) 677-9812


Mr. Jason Clairmont​ - General Manager


"Since we have contracted Mr. Morales in December 2007, our dealership has managed to triple and stabilize our service labour revenues, and more than double the parts revenues.


We have seen increased revenues in every area, demonstrably increased our customer loyalty, and implemented a complete process restructuring that has simplified and enhanced the very way we do our day to day business"


(758) 453 2277


Sr. Jorge Martinez - Presidente


"The expertise and dedication that brought Mr. Morales were key to our company on operational improvement we've had for the past sixteen months. That's why we recommend it to other auto dealers and workshops in our industry who seek to organize, grow and improve their Parts & Service operation"                   (787) 915-5000

(866) 677-9812


Mr. Jorge Santiago​ - Fix Operation Director


"Mr. Rafael Morales / Techno Service Solutions have been instrumental in the dramatic improvement of Fixed Operations Land Rover San Juan. The most significant achievements are......

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