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Questions & Answers!!

This section may help to clarify some questions related to the type of operation of your business. It can serve to help you better understand how we proceed with our customers, better understand our resources and services, certain terms and / or specific or characteristic aspects of our industry, and to identify possible needs in your company.​

 08  What is "Parts Obsolescence"?

The industry says that "obsolete" is the classification that is given to a part that has in your inventory more than 12 months without a sale. For us at TSSPR, 12 months result in a very long period for our times! Taking that in count, we suggest you include the portion that is on the way too, the non-moving parts in more than 9 months.

Then, if your cumulative obsolescence portion is more than 2% of the total cost, your operation requires prompt assistance.

When the costs of these parts exceed the operational standards suggested by the industry, they are usually the result of poor execution when performing part inventory controls.

How can we be sure that a part will be really sold?

We know this is not as easy as it’s said! However, we have managed to help operations to achieve "free obsolescence" levels and some others, with levels much lower than industry standards. But, especially, while their sales are doubled.

Likewise, we know that mismanagement of inventory controls results in enormous accumulations of parts, which could most likely end up in the trash, causing huge losses for any operation. Often, this situation leads you to erroneously limit purchases, as a control resource. But keep in mind, that this resource will also limit the purchase of good moving parts. Here are some of the guides that have helped us deal with this issue:

  • Do not put your operation in the hands of "Superheroes". The operation is very nuanced and complex to be handled only with manual controls that depend on humans only.

  • You will need a well-configured electronic system to manage your inventory.

  • Even if looks very similar, never adopt the control parameters of other operations. The inventory control parameters must be adapted and updated according to the needs and type of your operation.

  • Count with us to help you to properly set up your Parts and Service operation.

These and many other benefits are what TSSPR can offer you to bring your company to maximum efficiency and performance.

Don’t wait more! What you have not achieved today only represents an excessive cost to your company. Every day that passes You lose the opportunity to win a lot money.

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