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These are some of the services that allow us to achieve the best results in our industry.



Leader Development


Throughout more than 30 years we have been able to observe how some operations have managed to excel and obtain financial advantage in its Parts and Service operations. It is not surprising that all of them They have made great efforts and investments to achieve it. What is less surprising is that within the plans that most have developed, all, contained a substantial amount of training resources, and some others supplemented it with a intensive coaching period.


This technique, validated by many, is one of the fundamental parts ofTSSPR's operational philosophy.


In other words, the training and development of your company's greatest asset,your precious staff,It is a fundamental part of the development, growth and sustainability of your business.


We combine our years of experience with the best resources that car manufacturers and automotive industry regulatory bodies can offer. 



We have been very successful because we never force teams into an unwanted change. Instead, we act as advisers, as collaborators, and as professional colleagues. This has allowed us to createexceptional leaders and teams,those who have led their companies toSUCCESS!


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Study Initial


This resource, in addition to formalizing the beginning of a commercial relationship of mutual benefit, aims to identify the operational and/or cultural factors and aspects that currently directly or indirectly affect the operation and in turn affect performance, execution and performance_cc781905-5cde -3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_de su operation.  


At the same time, this initial study will serve to identify the points or segments where there is room and opportunity to improve results.


Finally, this will also serve to support the development of a goodStrategic plan para el development and improvement with solutions that will take your company to the highest level of execution and financial health.


Re-engineering of Operational Processes


We specialize in developing and implementing new and innovative operational processes that offer to our clients an easy and precise alternative to achieving the_cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5_c8f9 and necessary changes -5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_reach the coveted goals.


This is achieved thanks to queTSSPR  will look beyond routine statistical analysis, using a variety of creative research and measurement techniques that will define the causes of poor results. These can be many and varied, but sin import what's causing your fixed operations to perform poorly, we'll find it and fix it together.


The adjustments in the processes thatTSSPRrecommend have already been demonstrated in many operations where excellent results have been achieved.


We don't want to reinvent the wheel, we just want to get it rolling and take it to top speed.


Strategic plans


TSSPR You will carefully study most factors that affect operations in some way, directly or indirectly. Including situations related to: processes, the organization or simply, the established culture and its effects on the results.


With the results of the Initial Study, TSSPRwill design a Strategic plantotally adapted to your company which will be implemented and developed jointly with theLeadership Development Plan.


The result will be a fully solvent operation that will increase your company's cost absorption rate..



Intensive monitoring is one of the most significant aspects of our services.

After having analyzed the human behavior of our colleagues and collaborators for more than 30 years, we can assure you that very few things produce as much positive effect as a good Coaching.


The project execution format is developed in different stages, clearly depending on the need and condition of each business and operation.


Each project can contain up to  four stages. Each of the stages is designed based on some fundamentals. These are: theConfiguration of Operating Systems (DMS), Training, Measurement of Processes and Results and Monitoring.


ForTSSPRheFollow-upIt is so important that in addition to being part of each stage, it becomes the final stage of each project. This ensureslasting results and a long enjoyment of the value and usefulness of the investment.

Inventory Control


The Parts department must be one of the most profitable resources in the entire automotive industry. But, likewise, they can result in the most vulnerable department when we talk about annual losses. For years, it has turned out to be the "Achilles heel" of many operations that have ended up closing their doors, and of many others that continue trying to survive with the heavy burden of their"Obsolescence"


Es la división de las Operaciones Fijas que de forma pasiva y fácil puede afectar una operación completa. Without a Parts operation"healthy"the Service department will not progress. It is for this reason that the main executives must be very careful, but, above all, control over their management and execution of adequate controls for their operation.


Each operation is unique, they have their own characteristics and conditions. Controls should be tailored to your structure and type of operation. Adopting systems or controls from other operations can be a big risk that could result in lost money and valuable time. The processes and controls must be able to promote themaximum of the sale and the minimum of accumulation of obsolescence, according to its operational structure and its marketing scale.


Through its developments,TSSPRhas designed, developed and implemented new resources and controls that have enabled it to help turn many operations into"models" with results that set new standards in these times.

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